Ciao! I'm Maria,

the creative founder of MP FLORAL STUDIO

Summer chaser,

ocean lover,

coffee addicted.

Italian blood and Australian heart.


One of my fondest childhood memories is playing with Lego: the freedom to express myself and the only limitations being my imagination. It also gave me a keen eye for detail, every little bit counts. Whatever artistic activities came my way, I persuaded with passion. 

As I embarked on my accounting career, I had a strong desire to be creative and I found in flowers the perfect medium for me. 

So I took a chance and moved to Australia in 2013 to dive deeper into my love of florals and design.


Interpreting love stories, fairy tales and moods through florals is the best contribution I can offer to the world.


We work spontaneously with flowers because

they speak to us

and we translate their language into

intentional flower arrangements

that combine our passion for design, beauty and creativity.

Carefully selecting the ingredients, colours and texture,

harmony is our ultimate goal.

Curious, insatiables and lovers of details,

our eyes and hearts are always hungry for inspiration

 in different arts as well as in our everyday lives...

but ultimately, nature is and has always been 

the most moving one.

MARYPOPPIES floral studio est. 2017 offers

a boutique approach to floral design for events, weddings, displays, installations, assisting you from your vision

to the realisation of the project.

Australia and Europe/Italy.

Aus. +61 432 164 098    |    It. +39 379 120 2819

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