MARYPOPPIES est. 2017 offers a boutique approach to floral design for events, weddings, displays, installations.

Specially created for the modern seekers of

romantic and elegant beauty. 

Based in Palm Beach, QLD Australia.

We are available in Australia and Italy.


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 I DESIGN   // 


from my heart to yours,

floral arrangements made with passion & love,

inspired by and co-created with Mother Nature.


Maria - Founder & Creative Director


Nature is magnificent, imperfect and within us.

We adore it

and the feeling that she gives us... so much

that we bring her home with us

to our Studio, your event and your place.

We play with natural elements appreciating and evaluating every single step of their lives and deaths, colours and shapes.

kindness // harmony // intuition

We like to think we co-create with Mother Nature.

Letting flowers talk through us and allowing them to be positioned where they wish.

It is an intuitive process that starts with admiring Nature and ends up with the creation of an art piece..




I've chosen the flowers because they make everyone happy... and knowing I can be part of the reason of their smiles, it is why I put so much passion and I invest time in what I do. 


Maria - Founder & Creative Director