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Frequently asked questions 

Q. How early should I contact you for my wedding or event?

A. We suggest about 12-15 months before your wedding day or event. But we can work within a shorter period. 


Q. How much should I plan to spend on my wedding flowers?

A. Most wedding budget planners recommend reserving 10-20% of your overall budget for your wedding flowers. If you wish florals to be a significant component of the experience for the day, we would recommend allocating around 25-30% of your total budget to flowers.


Q. You mentioned you are a “floral studio”… what does that mean?

A. It means that we are not a retail flower shop that offers daily designs instead we specialize in weddings, events, interiors, and shootings. This concept has allowed us to focus on the latest trends and creative projects, minimize overhead expenses, maximize our family time, and provide exceptional value paired with great flexibility for those who book us.


Q. When should I pay my deposit?

A. We suggest paying your deposit as early as possible after receiving our quote, so we lock in the date for you. 

After that, we can easily sort through revisions to the flower order, nothing needs to be firmly set in stone until about 4 weeks before your wedding or event day.


Q. How do I organize a consultation?

A. Please head over to our contact page and submit an initial enquiry.

From there, we will get in touch to get a deeper understanding of your floral needs.


Q. Do I need to know all the floral items I require when I enquire?

A. Not at all, don’t you worry! We are here to help and guide you through the best decisions for your flower order.

We only recommend that you do a little visual research about the type of vibe you like as a starting point for us to work together. Check out our Instagram page or Pinterest, interior design blogs, and architecture magazines,  just to name a few.


Q. Does your service include the delivery of my flowers? 

A. Yes, it does. We’ll deliver all your flowers personally. We’ll coordinate the time and location with you during the planning process.



Q. I am eloping. Do you provide wedding flowers for elopements?

A. Yes, we certainly do. Please get in touch with us for a quote via our contact form.

Q. I need recommendations about planners, photographers, rental companies, etc... can you help me? 

A. Yes, we constantly work with other vendors and we would love to share the best ones to suit your needs.


For more information don't

hesitate to email us

Our MARYPOPPIES Floral Studio's team is here to assist you. Email us to start and then let's chat about your desired wedding or event flowers.

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